Is ‘make money at home’ a scam or what?

Hi all!
It’s been forever since I posted anything. My son is now over 10 months old. I’ve been reading all the daily emails though. Since I am now a stay at home mom, along with a very slow graphic design service I do, I was considering doing some other kind of work from home. It was brought to my attention about offers to read or review emails, ads and even rate products, take surveys… all from my home computer and make extra money this way. Has anyone ever done this, is it really worth it or is it some kind of scam? Can’t wait to hear any tips about this.

make money onlineI do surveys from home and a couple of paid-to-read email things. You do earn a little bit but definitely not enough to survive on…or even supplement income. I get maybe $100 a year doing it. The big thing to remember is NEVER pay to join a survey panel or anything. Those are rip offs. Here is a list of the sites I have the most luck with…

Another one that I’m enjoying is a little different. You “predict” the outcome of events. Anything from how the stock market is going to do to when Britney Spears is going into rehab. You earn points for each right answer and those points transfer into cash. I make about $50 a month with them. (If you sign up, would you use my referral code? It’s andy453)

There are a lot of good survey sites out there. Just don’t ever pay to join one and you’ll do fine. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve been doing these for several years.

I have signed up with some of the ones you don’t have to pay money for, and while some of them really do pay, it really isn’t worth it. One of them I signed up for pays you .02 for each ad you look at. Another was like .03. I have seen some positions like rebate processors and data entry but you have to pay them to get started and I am leery of that. Mystery shopping does actually pay money, however. What you can make depends on how big of an area you live in, and how many shops are available in your area. I live in a medium size town and I make 100-200 a month, sometimes more. There is no money to sign up. Some sites will try to charge you to gain access to their “exclusive” lists but it is all the same companies you can get for free. Hope this helps!

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From the responses I’ve gotten, it seems that you’d have spend a lot of time doing these “reading emails, taking surveys…etc… for it to be worth it. To earn that extra $50 per month, how much time do you spend on it? I’m wondering if this would be worth it for me and if there ends of being an obligation that could cut into a more substantial income I could make with a design job that comes a long. Doing freelance graphic design is a feast or famine type of work. Well I might look into some the ones you recommended. If anyone else has any advice about this subject -I’m more than happy to read it!

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