My rules to buying a house

  1. Always put at least 20% downpayment, otherwise continue to save money.
  2. Always get a fix rate loan unless you are a very savy investor or you definitely know that you will be selling the house before the rate adjusts.
  3. Buy a smaller house then you can afford because it is easier to buy a larger house than it is to sell a large house to move into a smaller one.
  4. Learn some basic home repair skills or save lots of money and prepare to pay lots of money for the eventual repairs.

Anyone have other good rules?

Freedom is not free.

Buy a Reader’s Digest Home Improvement book or one at Home Depot that shows you step by step how to do home improvement projects. It helps a lot!!!!! Well worth the $20 – $30 you will spend on it. Get a good set of hand tools – so you can make minor repairs.

Your local library is also a good souce for home improvements books and they’re free!

Never bad to utilize the library. For this, I suggest investing the money in yourself and your home. If something goes bad in the middle of the night or after the library is closed, being able to get the book at home and take care of the situation rather than waiting helps a lot.

Keep a toolbox stocked with standard household tools too.

Look online at DIY Network for how-to tips as well.

Other rules:

  1. Take a tape measure and measure the rooms. Measure your furniture at home before you go house hunting. Don’t guess. Carry the figures in a notebook so you can know before you “fall in love” that the house will or will not fit your things.
  2. Take a notebook and as soon as you are done visiting the house, make notes about what you liked and did not like.
  3. Take a camera and lots of pictures. You will forget the details 5 houses down the road. Was that the one with the rose bushes in the backyard? Or the deck? Or needed new windows? Or the green kitchen? Or the one with the fireplace I liked or did not like? Etc.
  4. Do not fall in love with the house. It is not yours until the contract is finalized. There is another one right down the street for sale too.
  5. Always get an inspection.
  6. Get a home warranty and renew it yearly. Well worth the cost.
  7. If you buy a house with a fireplace, have the seller hire a chimney sweep BEFORE you buy it and have it serviced.
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