Assistance w/one time mortgage payment

I generally have enough to pay my mortgage however, due to an array of things which has happened to my family over the past month, are unable to pay the entire amount this month and don’t want to be late or affect my credit, so, I was wondering if anyone knows of any agencies that could possibly help, irregardless of income.

I dont know of any trustworthy options, be careful as there are so many people just waiting to attempt to scam people out of their money. I would suggest trying a relative.. if that is possible. And, as a last resort you may opt to getting cash advance online from reputable companies – but remember to borrow only as much as you will be able to pay back on time!

It is scary how we find out how important an emergency fund becomes in our lives. I didnt have one either and thought making 50k a year I was doing ok, until Ilost my job.. I am now on track for being completly debt free in 5-7 yrs as it is the only solution that can protect you.

I hope you have success in finding the funds you need, have you tried I have not used them so I cant voche for their services.

A liitle bump in your credit would be the furthest thing from my mind, getting past this is much more important, re-group then eliminate your debts and your credit will sour.

I was in the same boat this month because I am waiting for disability to come through. Check your local churches. They helped me out with my mortgage. Also check to see if you have a community hotline. We have one here and you call them and tell them your need and they can give you places to call to ask for assistance. I also got on the internet and found place that help in my area. Hope this helps!

My apologies if this is off topic but what denomination was the church that helped? I work for a Catholic university and don’t get paid much money. I was stunned when I got a letter from the Chancelor asking ME for donations back to the school. I thought the employer usually gives the Christmas bonus – not the other way around.