Health Insurance

health insuranceI’ve seen a few messages come through in response to the rather controversial posts made by a former member.

If the messages were not productive to the topic, they were deleted. The former member who started this has been banned (twice actually as they tried to get back in). So justifications are not needed, nor were they ever needed.

Sometimes people will go off topic and attack; I try to keep on those types of posts and delete them. This group is for people to help and be helped; and provide positive reinforcement to each other.

I won’t allow it to degenerate into a mudfest, so I hope you all understand if you don’t see a post you made in reply to the negative remarks from this former member. I didn’t realize their intent prior to their being banned, it only came out after several posts were made.

I value each and every member on this list and their right to make their own mistakes, then get help here as needed to get back on track. 😉

I know each of you want to help and be helped, or you wouldn’t be here, so please, let the negative comments previously made go by the wayside where they belong.

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